Recap of Austin Texas Paleo f(x) 2014!

April 16, 2014

What an AMAZING weekend.  I don't usually "talk" much on here. I tend to keep it recipe focussed only. But I had such a great time, I just had to share some of the details.

As many of you know, I started this site out as a Gluten and Dairy Free I learned more about my health issues and what I should and should not be eating personally my focus shifted to mostly grain free and often Paleo recipes. Through these changes I was finally able to remedy my leaky gut issues, and eventually get my Hashimotos disease into remission. You can read how I did it here.

Paleo.. a word that I was scared to use. With it I felt came a bunch of dogma and bloggers that I was nervous to connect with. I'm all about being judgement free and respecting that everyone is different and what food works for them may be different than what works for me. For that reason I was nervous to align myself with a specific diet. I kept my head in the sand and just did my thing..worrying that if I connected with the Paleo Community they might bash me for my relaxed approach. My heart is with the allergen free community.. those that have to give up their favorite foods and need replacements. You are who I dedicate my work to, every single day.

Last summer I went to Pittsburg to speak at an event, and Bill Stayley from Primal Palete was kind enough to pop by and say hello.  Bill and his gorgeous wife Hayley are big Paleo Bloggers.  I wasn't sure what to expect. I don't remember any of the conversation that we had except that he said " We love our corn chips!" WHAT? They ate corn chips? They weren't totally strict 24/7???

Not long after Juli from Paleomg found my site and started giving my recipes high praise.  I was totally shocked and flattered. Juli is ridiculously talented by the way..If you haven't been to her should start going today.

Then I started to connect with Stacy from Paleo Parents and Bill's wife Hayley.. and oh my goodness. They have been nothing but kind to me.

Turns out..the only person casting judgement was ME! Boy was I missing out on getting to know some amazing individuals..  I LOVE these people.

Last weekend for the first time I went to Paleo f(x) and met everyone finally in person. I stayed with my long time friend Kelly from the Spunky Coconut and spent the majority of the weekend laughing. She's hilarious and doesn't even know it.  Absolutely love her.

With Kelly & Juli!

With Kelly & Juli!

I made so many new friends..and had the opportunity to spend time with the Victory Belt Publishing team whom I'm working on my next book Every Last Crumb with.  I headed home on Sunday so inspired by the many conversations I had!  Theres nothing better than being surrounded by a bunch of hard working talented friends ..all out there to give to the world delicious recipes that are truly making a difference in saving the health of so many.  I feel so honored to call these people my friends!

Hayley is insanely adorable in real life!  Would you look at that romper??

Hayley is insanely adorable in real life! Would you look at that romper??

Of course..there are a few bad bugs in the system. Some overly judgemental extrememist that believe people should only eat one way. I met a few of those people. I managed to avoid spending much time with them..(and I would say most everyone else did too!) No one likes an extremist. There are also the fame monsters that blog because they just want be worshipped. That baffles me. I managed to avoid them for the most part too!

SO- What did we do all weekend? We ate, and ate and ate. Through tons of restaurants.  I spent a fair amount of time getting lost. More than 5 times my GPS would switch from driving mode to walking mode directions halfway to a destination. That was fun. Luckily everything we did was fairly close together.

photo 2-22

With Stacy, Vanessa (Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind) Cassy (Fed & Fit) Jenni & Ben (Urban Poser) and Juli (Paleomg)

photo 1-24

Dinner with the awesome Urban Poser Duo Ben & Jenny Hulet , Kelly and the oh so fun Paleo Parents (Stacy & Matt!)

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was being able to meet a ton of readers! You guys mean the world to me. I felt so giddy being able to hand over bunch of the club angell baked goods for people to try standing right next to me.  Being able to share my recipes is what makes me get out of bed every day..being able to do so in person. I was on cloud nine!

I just found out that there will be a second Paleo f(x) this year happening in Denver in October. Without question I'll be going. ( And I hope you can make it too!)  This weekend I showed up with literally 50 lbs of baked goods to share with everyone that I met.  I'll bring a haul to Denver too!


My dear friends over at Primal Palate made this recap video of the weekend!


Brittany Angell

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