Buffalo Chicken Alfredo with Sweet Potato Pasta. (Paleo, Dairy/Egg/Gluten/Grain/Nut Free)

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW! I beg of you to do this one thing! Check this recipe out. It is literally to die for delicious. I combined a spicy buffalo chicken alfredo sauce with the sweetness of sweet potatoes and viola, a masterpiece!

This recipe includes a healthy twist as it uses vegetables in place of pasta. If you've ever had trouble getting your wee one's or maybe your significant other to eat vegetable, it think this might be the trick. I got my brand spankin' new spiralizer at William-Sonoma and I'm so excited with the endless possibilities that lie ahead!

If sweet potatoes aren't your cup of tea, you could use another veggie pasta of choice. Carrots or Parsnips for example would taste killer good.  If you are all about classic pasta, go right ahead and dump this delicious sauce over that. You could end up with some crazy good Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese if you want to take the recipe down that path. All you would need to do would be to added some shredded cheddar cheese (dairy or nondairy) to the hot thickened sauce.


Buffalo Chicken Alfredo with Sweet Potato Pasta


  • 1 Cup Heavy Cream or Heavy Coconut Cream from a Can
  • 1 TBSP Butter (Dairy or Nondairy)
  • 4 Tsp Starch (Tapioca, Arrowroot or Potato Starch)
  • 2 TBSP Frank's Red Hot (or other hot sauce of choice)
  • Pinch of Salt (to taste)
  • Pinch of Pepper (to taste)
  • 1/4 tsp Garlic Powder
  • 1/4-1/2 tsp Chili Powder (optional)
  • 1 lb of Chicken (poach or make in a skillet)
  • 3 Sweet Potato, spiralized
  • 2-3 TBS oil for cooking the sweet potatoes.


  1. In a saucepan combine the cream, butter, starch, frank's red hot, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and chili powder; heat until thickened, whisking the whole time; set aside.
  2. Either poach chicken or cook in a skillet; Set aside.
  3. Using a spiralizer make sweet potatoes into noodles.
  4. In a saucepan heat up oil over medium heat and add in Sweet Potato noodles.
  5. Cook noodles until cooked through.
  6. Combine noodles, sauce and chicken; ENJOY!

Brittany Angell

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  1. Serenity

    Delish! But I think I will omit the chili powder next time–idk if it was the hot sauce I used or just my taste, but it was just a tad too spicy for me with adding the chili powder. Will definitely make again–soooo easy!

  2. Kailie

    This looks delish! I just got a spiralizer as well and will have to test it out using this recipe this week. Thanks for all of your hard work, I am loving your recipes!

  3. Jessica

    This recipe looks super yummy but I’m a bit concerned that the spicy factor may be a bit too high for me. Would everything taste good if I only used a small amount of chili powder? Thanks!

  4. TiffanyS

    This looks great! What spiralizer do you use to get the fettuccine shaped sweet potato noodles?

    1. TiffanyS

      I actually just saw the link to the sprializer above :), so I guess I should ask which blade is it that you use.

  5. Denyse

    Oh wow, that looks amazing! I’m brand new to using alternate forms of non-gluten pasta, and was wondering if the sweet potatoes keep the pasta-esque shape after cooking, or will it become more like mashed potato pasta if I’m not careful? Although buffalo chicken alfredo mashed potatoes sound pretty tasty, too. 🙂

  6. Belenda

    Is this the Spirolli Machine you use: I haven’t figured out which one would make fettuccini like noodles yet? http://www.amazon.com/Paderno-World-Cuisine-A4982799-Tri-Blade/dp/B0007Y9WHQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1389885509&sr=8-2&keywords=spirooli+machine

    1. Mary Raven

      If new to spiralizing food, check this site. Great instructions

      Great recipe (as usually) 🙂

  7. Emily

    Making this tonight! Is full-fat coconut milk the same as coconut cream? Thanks!

  8. Lorna Overby

    This is soo good even though I over cooked the noodles! Thanks!

  9. Sparkle Barbie

    How did you make the fettuccine noddles? We have the same sprializer and I can’t figure out how you got them to be flat!

    I made this last night with a non-fat alfredo instead…i about died and went to heaven.

    The sweet potato noodles were a tad sweet for me, so next time (probably today) I will make with zucchini or squash! Thank you!

  10. AIMEE

    This recipe is a keeper! Wow!!! Fantastic! Used the smaller portion of the chili powder. Wasn’t overwhelming at all and I LOVE Franks sauce so that was no problem. I did serve over whole wheat pasta and it was superb!

  11. Elizabeth

    This is a keeper! Loved it!! I want to make this for my mother who can’t have any dairy and soy and wondering what I can use as a butter substitute?


  12. Janelle Duah

    There must be some sort of sorcery in this recipe. It tastes SO good, and looks and somehow tastes cheesy, and is hitting the “comfort food” spot right now.

  13. Karin

    My whole family liked this, even my daughter who hates sweet potatoes. I added green onions. So yummy! Looking forward to making it again.

  14. Sally

    wow. i was terrified that this would taste too coconut-y or too sweet potato-y. but hot diggity damn is it delicious. my fiance, who gets pissy when i cook paleo, fell upon this dish like a rabid dog. methinks it’s a keeper.

  15. Deb

    Absolutely love this!! Doubled the recipe & added a tablespoon of Delallo’s hot pepper garlic sauce for a little more bite & texture. So good!!

  16. Beth

    I JUST made this for dinner! WOW! I did sub the hot sauce for 1/4 cup of buffalo wing sauce. I could eat this ALL the time! The perfect spice/sweet mixture. I’m just sad there are no leftovers!

  17. Kristen

    How many servings do you think this makes?? Wondering if I should double for the 3 of us.

  18. Amy

    Simply amazing!

  19. Andrea @ pencils and pancakes

    Wowwwwwwwwww I might buy a spiralizer just for thiis

    1. Cheryl Boone

      I DID buy the spiralizer just for this. So worth it! Can’t wait to try zucchini noodles next. I’m beginning to feel like my wheat pastaless life is a better, tastier one! Thanks for helping to make this possible, Brittany!

  20. Cheryl Boone

    I just made this. After the first bite my husband asked if we could make this every night 🙂 What a brilliant idea to combine hot and sweet. We topped it off with the espresso brownies. What a meal! THANK YOU!

  21. Katy

    Made this last week and we LOVED it. Decided to try using the sauce as a casserole sauce–quadrupled the recipe, mixed with cauliflower, broccoli, onions, leeks, and cooked chicken, topped with almond meal, and baked. AMAZING PALEO CASSEROLE.

  22. Chloe

    A.MAZ.ING. Seriously, this rocked my world. I’m sitting here dreaming about the leftovers (I doubled it).
    Thanks so much!!

  23. Jamie Davis

    This is an amazing meal!!! The whole family loved it

  24. Adele Frizzell

    The alfredo sauce is to die for. I skipped the hot sauce and only did 1/4 of the chili powder. I’d put that up against any restaurant’s alfredo sauce!
    So good, next time, I’ll make twice as much sauce!

  25. Leslie Fisher

    Oh, my goodness! This was wonderful! I made a huge pot, and I didn’t think we would have any leftovers, with all of us having seconds. It was really filling. I took your suggestion and added some cheese that I had laying around. Even my kids, who hardly ever touch their dinner, asked for seconds.

  26. Christine

    I wasn’t sure I would like this since I am not a big “wings” fan. I substituted Franks Buffalo Hot Wing Sauce and added a 3rd Tbsp for extra spice. What really made it great is adding 3 diced celery stalks when it is almost finished to add crunch and to go along with the hot wing theme. My husband and I both loved it and have made it again. Thanks for the recipe!

  27. Lina Howard

    How do you cook the sweet potato noodles?

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