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What’s in the Breakfast E-book? 

Breakfast can be a challenge when you have allergies or follow a special diet.  The “Easy Breakfast Recipes” E-book is your solution! Through this book- you’ll become inspired with new ideas and enjoy OVER 40 delicious creative breakfast options! Each recipe is simple to make and tasty enough to impress family and friends.  In the book you will find: 

  • ALL the recipes are  Gluten/ Grain Free &  Paleo Friendly.

  • 32 Egg Free recipes.  +  Nut and Coconut Free options.

  •  Instruction to make all recipes Dairy  & Sugar Free.

  • Each recipe has been tested to perfection and will be simple to make!


The Recipe List:


  • Chapter 1 Healthy Breakfast Bars: Apple Cinnamon Bars, Zucchini Bars, Almond Flour Blueberry Bars, Coconut Flour Blueberry Bars, Banana Bars, Pumpkin Bars, Date Bars, Lemon Poppyseed Bars, Pb & J Bars, Strawberry Streusel Bars.
  • Chapter 2  Biscuits & Gravy:  Leek & Goat Cheese Biscuits, Sausage & Cheese Biscuits, Black Pepper & Bacon Biscuits, Maple Bacon Biscuits,  Classic Flaky Biscuits, Worlds Best Paleo Gravy, Paleo Breakfast Bangers & Mash, Cheesy Sausage Biscuit Breakfast Casserole.
  • Chapter 3 Porridge & Cereals:  Pumpkin Almond Porridge, Nut Free Breakfast Porridge, Easy Paleo Grits, Cookie Crisp Cereal, Cocoa Puffs Cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal.
  • Chapter 4 Pancakes & Waffles Extra Crispy Waffles, Bacon Cheddar Green Onion Waffles,  Extra Fluffy Pancakes, Vanilla Bourbon Pecan Pancakes, Pumpkin Pancakes.
  • Chapter 5 Granola Bars:  French Toast Granola Bars, Cherry Chocolate Granola Bars, and a Bonus recipe to create your own flavor!
  • Chapter 6 Breakfast Cookies & PastriesHealthy Protein loaded Breakfast Cookies, Cranberry Orange Breakfast Cookies, French Toast Breakfast Cookies, Blueberry Pancake Breakfast Cookies, Paleo Pop tarts, Blueberry Sweet Rolls.
  • Chapter 7  Spreads & FrostingsDairy Free Strawberry Coconut Cream Cheese, Basic Dairy Free Coconut Cream Cheese,  How to make your own Powdered Sugar (with Sugar free directions) and Bacon Jam!



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  1. Carrie Love

    I bought the club membership this morning 11/27 and was just wondering when I will be able to get the e-book.

  2. Judy Hackett

    I bought the club membership and still have not been able to set up a password and log in. My cc has been billed. I am at a loss as to how to fix this.

  3. Monique McKenna


    I’m trying to access the breakfast e-book. Every time I do, it just leads me back to the sign up page even though i’ve already bought my subscription.


  4. Monique McKenna

    Haha silly me! Thanks!!!

  5. Heather Foreman

    I signed up and everything went perfect. 🙂 I’ve already made a recipe from the breakfast book-and it was amazing!

  6. Renie

    I just wanted to tell you thank you for sharing your recipes. I have a daughter with multiple allergies. Your site has taught me a lot about GF cooking. Also, your website looks wonderful and you look amazing.

  7. Melanie

    I’m wondering if you take Paypal as a payment type. I didn’t notice any emblem of your site being a secured payment site.

  8. Katherine Meinholz

    Hey there, the basic flaky biscuit recipe in your e-book is missing the total number of eggs required. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be 2 eggs since that’s what the other similar recipes call for, but I wanted to ask before I messed up something. Could you please let me know? Thanks!

  9. Heather Murphy

    Hi Brittany,
    I signed up for Club Angell as well but can’t access the breakfast e-book either. Any suggestions?

  10. Floreen Cunningham

    I JOINED yesterday & cannot open the pdf.

  11. Christy

    I’m loving the recipes, but I want to try the flaky biscuits and like the commenter above, mine is missing the number of eggs. Is it 2?

  12. Nicholson Schaefer

    I’m having trouble accessing the ebook. I signed up 2 weeks ago

  13. Krista Camilleri

    My ebook has been sent but cannot open it, its all in giberish. Is it possible to send another one please .?

  14. Lisa Williams

    I joined in Nov. and never received my e-book. I would love to see those breakfast recipes.

  15. Michelle Baker

    I have a membership, but I can’t figure out how to download the book. Am I doing something wrong?

  16. Karen Wilson

    I signed up to become a member yesterday morning and I haven’t received my ebook yet? Any chance you could look into this for me.

  17. Emma-Jayne

    I still have relieved my “welcome email” or Ebook I purchased this yesterday…. Could anyone follow this up? If you need details let me know.

    Thank you Emma-Jayne.

  18. Jennifer Lyman

    When should I expect the breakfast e-book? I bought the membership last week. Thanks!

  19. Nikki Archbold

    Got my e-book all looks fab. I’m REALLY keen to try the lemon poppy seed bars but I was wondering is some liquid missing as the steps say mix flour etc to form dough but there is no liquid element to the recipie to form a dough? Please don’t say it needs eggs :o(

    Kind Regards


  20. Nikki Archbold

    Yay thanks Brittany I’m going to make these tomorrow :o)

  21. Nancy Ensign

    Hi Brittany! Love your recipes so much I ordered membership. Have not received the Easy Breakfast Recipe e-book. Please check on this for me. Very truly, Nancy

  22. Sarah Katzman

    I bought the Club membership over a month ago (4/12/14) and I’m having the same problem accessing the e-book that other people are describing. When I go to the link, it just sends me back to the signup page, but I’m logged in. Please help!

  23. Danielle

    Hi Brittany I’m super interested in your ebook and membership but have never done something like this. Do the recipes I see when I become a member get blocked after a year or am I just denied access to any further new recipes posted after my membership expires?

    Also, do you have any published cookbooks?


  24. Amanda Towne

    Does the link to the ebook expire? I joined the club on 10/1, but am just trying to download it on my Kindle, and it keeps saying “download unsuccessful.”

    1. Amanda Hockham

      No, it doesn’t expire. Email my customer support at and they’ll send you another one.

  25. Tiffany Stanley

    I renewed my membership last week and still do not have an access email for the e-books.

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