Boiled Spiced Apple Dumplings

Boiled Spiced Apple Dumplings

For the past several weeks I have had this burning desire to eat some hot apple dumplings. But not your traditional Pie crust dumplings (which are also SO good) But a boiled dumpling. Similar to the dumplings you might find in a soup or stew- but maybe a little firmer and filled with chopped apples, sugar and spices. I scoured the web..and didn’t find any recipe like this.. SO testing began. and it was a long process.. But FINALLY last night I nailed them :)

You’ll begin to notice my Recipes containing less and less Rice Flour. In this recipe- I let Millet be the star of the show- however if you only have Rice flour on hand.. feel free to use it in place of the Millet in equal amounts.

Top These Warm and Fluffy Dumplings with Dairy Free Ice Cream and Cinnamon!

I hope you enjoy my little creation:

Gluten/Dairy Free Boiled Spiced Apple Dumplings


Brittany Angell

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  1. Iris

    Delicious! I would love something like this!

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