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  1. jenny

    These look divine!

  2. Nicole

    This might be a dumb question but where do you buy your Truvia Baking Blend thats 100% sugar free? The one I am looking at says it is a mix of stevia, sugar and erythritol. These look great and I can’t wait to try them, especially if they’re sugar free. Also, do you have any experience baking with homemade quinoa flour? Thanks!!

  3. Sarah

    I am new to your site and so excited to try some of your recipes. I’ve noticed you use “blanched” almond flour. How is that different from regular almond flour? I’ve asked several people at my local health food store and they couldn’t help me. Thank you!

  4. Juniper Rain

    Yum! I’m going to try these with blackberies. 🙂 I have some in the fridge that are calling to me right this very moment!! I will let you know how it goes cuz I know blackberries tend to be a bit seedier. Can’t wait!!

  5. Shelly

    Thank you Brittany! You have made one 11 year old’s night… or should I say morning. Having celiac disease, we are obviously gluten free, but have had to reduce grains and starches. And now my daughter cannot tolerate eggs at all. I have tried without success to make her baked goods grain free and egg free, other than the few on your site 🙂 But breakfast, so hard… Blueberries and lemon are her favorite, cannot wait to make these tomorrow. And cannot wait for your ebook!

  6. Kate

    Unfortunately, Almond flour doesn’t sit well with me 🙁 Have you tried any of the other nut/seed flours? Any idea which one tastes good? I haven’t experimented with any of them. Thanks for your thoughts!

  7. Cheryl

    They look delicious! And, I love how they aren’t just gluten free but dairy free as well…another thing we’ve cut out of our diets. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I’m anxious to try it.

  8. vera

    hi Brittany, great recipe and sounds delish. I have to substitute for almond flour (thanks for the tips on how to do that). I am also allergic to lemon. Any way to avoid it? do you think orange would work? Thanks!

  9. Christina

    Thanks for this! I was just laying in bed thinking…. I don’t want eggs and bacon and kale again for breakfast. I’m not an omelet person either and pancakes take a lot on a fast morning.
    Quick question- I never have granulated sugar. Can I use honey/maple syrup? Would it be too much liquid? Thanks for all your modifications mentioned above ect. And for your time testing these recipes! Would love to look for your breakfast book when it comes out!

  10. noosh.

    thank you for this recipe! i love how simple it is- breakfast is my most difficult meal, especially to be grain and egg free… i’ve had such little luck finding recipes that combine both so looking forward to your e-book! i just posted a grain free/egg free cinnamon roll recipe a few weeks ago but need to get started experimenting more as well. thanks again! 🙂

  11. Kei

    Could I use garbanzo bean flour in place of the almond flour? I can’t do nuts…

  12. Angela

    I couldn’t wait for this recipe, and even got up early to make them for breakfast today. My boys both approved, and I asked if I should make them often. My 6 year old said no, and I was confused. Then he said they should be saved for special occasions because they are so yummy. 🙂 Thanks for another great recipe!!!

  13. chris

    These look great! Can you use half protein powder and half almond flour to up the protein?

    Also, can you use stevia?

    How large of a loaf pan? How many bars did you get out of he recipe?

  14. melanie

    so i can use regular sugar?

  15. Yvonne

    First of all, these are totally yummy, THANK YOU! I will totally make them again, but I had a a wee little “first time” challenge that for me might be helpful to others… I found them way too thick in a loaf pan. it was more like a half loaf of quick bread than bars. I would make these next time in an 8 x 8 pan, as they were done on top looooong before they were done in the middle. I had them in for the full 45 minutes and had to cover them with tin foil at about 40 min because they were getting overly dark brown and still completely raw in the center. I left them in for another 15 minutes in the loaf pan, and they were still nowhere near done. So finally I picked up the whole piece of parchment, transferred to an 8×8 pan, kinda spread out the whole thing a bit, and put them in for ANOTHER 30 minutes at 325 before they were finally done. The only change I made to the recipe was I used cashew flour rather than almond flour by grinding cashews in my vitamix and then sifted. I did use frozen blueberries, but they were thoroughly thawed, drained and run over a paper towel to make sure they weren’t too wet. Anyway, the taste was so worth it, thanks again!

  16. Yvonne

    Perhaps next time I will add a Tbsp or two of coconut flour to absorb moisture… I guess maybe cashew flour just might not be as absorbent as the almond flour!

  17. Beth @ Tasty Yummies

    These look so amazing Brittany. I love the color pops of the blueberries. I have been craving berries in anything and everything lately.

  18. Ruth

    I love your idea of a breakfast e-book! Breakfast without eggs is always challenging.
    I made these bars this afternoon and they are soooo good! I am not a lemon person but loved the lemon in these! It was such a nice combination. I added one tbsp. more milk than the recipe called for and used coconut sugar but other than that followed the recipe exactly. They were a little crumbly while still warm – probably could have pressed them down just a little more but when I took a little taste later they were staying together much better. They are in the fridge now and I anticipate a really great texture and taste by breakfast time tomorrow morning 🙂 Thank you for another winner to add to my list of great recipes from your site!

  19. Veralyn

    So would quinoa flour work in replacement of almond flour, since it is really a seed (pseudo-grain)? I love quinoa, but almonds and most nuts seem to cause problems for me, which makes it hard to follow your recipes. :S

  20. Eka

    I am following the recipe in my head, and looking at the final product picture on your site.
    Just so I do it right the first time, How far up the loaf pan do you suggest going when layering? It’s isn’t supposed to be like a bread is it? It looks like the bars you made came from a shallow pan …. Thanks!.

  21. June

    Thank you for another great recipe!
    I look forward to your breakfast book…no eggs and no grain…such a challenge at breakfast time!
    Also…your “Best Ever Pizza Crust” changed our lives…delicious!

  22. Shirl

    I really want to try these. Do u think chestnut flour would work? Almond flour must have goitrogens since almonds do. I can never get an answer to that question. If almond flour was not goitrogenic when baked, I could use it. Really wish I could get answer to that question. Posted it on another of your pages. No answer. I am tested hypothyroid and cannot take medication (causes vertigo) so must stay away from goitrogens. Some goitrogens , when cooked lose their goitrogenic effects. I really wonder about almond flour. Internet also provides no answer that I can find to that question.
    I also use quinoa flour but doubt if that will be any good in this recipe. I am using your pancake recipe with coconut flour and they are wonderful. My only safe treat. But maybe these will work with chestnut flour.

  23. Kitt

    First of all, thanks Brittany for another wonderful recipe that is totally allergen-free – there is no other place on the web like this. I think people too often forget to thank you, do not read the comments before asking questions… anyways, I don’t comment often, but it is time to say thanks.

    Secondly, I used chestnut flour instead of almond flour. I had to use 3-4 times more rice milk to achieve the desired crumbly condition. It turned out to be great, the only thing I would consider for next time is using at least partly another flour, because this one ended up being a bit too dense.

  24. Holly

    Brittany – These are super tasty! Mine were crumbly, though – but still super tasty. I wonder if that’s because I didn’t pack it down enough? Would you suggest more milk/lemon juice or something else? (I used frozen blueberries – which were still frozen. Should I have defrosted?) Thanks for a great recipe!!

  25. Rebecca

    This is my favorite new recipe of 2013. I have made the bars twice. The first time I used regular granulated sugar for myself, and the second time I used Whey Low D which is made for diabetics for my husband. The taste was very similar. My husband traded in his almond flour chocolate cake with icing to have the bars for his dessert. That is as high a compliment as he could ever give to a recipe. Thank you, Brittany.

  26. The Healthy Apple

    These look incredible; I love a lil’ sweetness from lemon and these bars look great, Britt!
    You are amazing and I love you!! Sending you huge hugs from NYC.

  27. Angela

    I made these the minute the recipe went up – and they were gone even faster! I made them after dinner, and I never got to try them as breakfast 🙂 – so will make again soon. I loved how they are so quick to make and bake and it always delights me when I see my family’s faces light up when they taste the food I make – thanks for sharing your recipes!

  28. lisa

    Can you find blanched almond flour easily? I have several places where I buy almond flour but have noticed blanched almond flour.

  29. Nora's Mum

    Thank you so much for your website and recipes. I made these with strawberries, vanilla almond milk, water to replace the lemon juice and no zest and they came out delicious! My 16 month old daughter is allergic to dairy, soy, rice, wheat, oats and barley. Most of the gluten free baked goods are made with rice flour which she can’t have. I’m so grateful to have found your site and your recipes. Now hopefully we can put some meat on her bones!

    Question, you suggest keeping them in the fridge. Do you think they will freeze well too?

  30. clara

    Looks yummy! has anyone tried the recipe using honey?
    Thanks! Clara

  31. Carrie S

    Thank you, Brittany! I’ve read your blog for awhile and I’ve learned a lot – thanks for that. (I laugh too -but feel for you – as you answer the same questions time and again.) I just made this recipe this morning because I have a toddler with an intolerance to dairy, eggs, gluten, corn and soy. It’s easy enough to bake/eat paleo to accommodate these intolerances but it is the egg-less part that is so challenging. It’s hard to find tasty, reliable grain free/egg free recipes. Waffles/pancakes have not been fun! So To this recipe i made a few minor recipe changes just for variety – replace 1/2 cup of almond flour with cashew flour and a 1/4 cup with flaxseed meal. I also did just two layers – almond flour layer, blueberries then almond flour mixture. In the blueberry layer I also dotted it with diced dates. I haven’t tasted (it is cooling) it yet but I think it’s a winner!

  32. Lola

    Do you by any chance know the nutrition breakdown for these bars – I am diabetic and needing to eat low carb ~ and would just like to know what the carb count would be per bar here.
    Thanks much!

  33. Kyndra

    Thank you for this! My son is allergic to eggs and we have such a hard time finding new ideas for breakfast stuffs. These look GREAT GREAT GREAT!

  34. Dana

    These look wonderful! Can you use Stevia instead of other sugars?

  35. Bridget

    These look great! I bought some almond flour and have been looking for a good recipe. Do you have the nutritional stats for this recipe? Calorie, carb count?

  36. Barbara

    Brittany these were great! I made them this AM for my husband and I. Feeling a little sad for myself with the Memorial Day holiday upon us and all the deserts and hamburger/hotdog buns i will be missing out on. So I got on your blog and looked for something to bake this AM to help cheer me up. It worked! Thank you so much. Being GF/DF and EF has been the hardest transition I have ever had to make (its been a year now). I still have not mastered baking with Almond Flour and it not being crumbly. These came out very crumbly and so did the strawberry monkey bread I made last weekend. I even pressed it down but I was careful because you said not to press it down too hard it would be dense. So…I will press it harder next time. Thanks for all you do and can’t wait for your e-book.

  37. Lori M

    Ive made these twice now. I LOVE them! I took some to the office and those that were lucky enough to sample loved them. My husband adores them. Thanks for such a great recipe!

  38. isabelle

    Instead of nut flour can I use gf bisquick..my brother doesn’t like nuts..

  39. Erica

    Truvia is a bit sweeter then granulated sugar isn’t it? Do you still use 1/2 cup truvia or do you adjust it?

  40. lizzi

    So I made these and they were powdery cooked and uncooked it was like eating blueberries with powder and I found that the sweetness was insufficient. Just wondering if I did anything wrong! Thanks!

  41. Kay Kimbro

    This looks delicious!
    Reynolds Wrap makes a great pan lining paper, one side parchment that comes in a roll! Like Aluminum foil. 24 ft. x 15″

  42. A D

    Can these bars be frozen? If so, for how long? I am looking to make these and freeze them for when school starts in 4 weeks..they will be great packed in lunches or for a quick breakfast on the run!

  43. Jess

    These are incredible! I made the original recipe, froze them and they are good right out of the freezer (awesome bonus for someone who’s bad about planning). I have blackberry/lime/nectarine ones in the oven right now! So excited!

  44. Suzi

    WOW… These are fab.. Thank you so so much.. Today I have made your Cherry Almond pancakes, these … and now the Best Ever Crispy and Flaky Pizza crust is in the oven.. Thanks again and cant wait to try more and more. Xxxx. Suzi

    1. Suzi

      BTW… I used frozen raspberries and they worked perfectly.. Also I only had unblanched almond meal and it was fine… Added some coconut too … Thanks again x

  45. Natashia

    Could this be done with apples??

  46. Aimee O

    I made this recipe this morning on a whim. The recipe was sitting on my counter and I thought, why not? I had everything but the zest in my possession. I also used a frozen berry blend that included blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and and one lonely strawberry which I happy sliced up to include in the mix. I used my stoneware loaf pan from Pampered Chef. I found the pan to be a tad bit too small to make these bars thinner but I left it alone-what the heck it’s Friday! I tried not to press down too hard but now I wish I would have compressed it more. I baked for 40 minutes and it had a lovely brown color on top and edges. I let it cool while I got ready for work and took a slice with me. It’s definitely an eat-with-a-utensil kind of bar. The taste was delicious and besides the crumbliness (is that a word?) the flavor was wonderful. I will use a few suggestions I read in the comments above for the next time I make these. BTW I cannot keep the waffles (from your recipes) in the house longer than a few hours…my son LOVES them! Eats em plain…with his fingers…and he’s 17! lol

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    […] (In the oven: Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Bars) […]

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