Be Back Soon!

Be Back Soon!

Hello Friends!

As you see- there is no Seasonal Sunday's today.

I'm taking a tiny little break. For 2 reasons.

As you may have noticed over the last month or so my site often has become unavailable- we are in the process of moving it to a new server. Until that happens completely we will continue to experience wishy washy service on the current server. What is the point of Seasonal Sunday's if I can't guarantee that your recipes will be up for others to see? So- while this move happens I will be putting Seasonal Sundays on hold.

Reason number 2 is due to some budding health issues that I must give attention to. I have the tendency to ignore my chronic health issues and work myself into the ground. While its difficult to set the blog aside for a few days and while I feel guilty- It needs to be done and at this point my health issues are forcing me to do so. I have given myself permission to slow down for a week and get back to a healthier me!

So with that being said the plan is for Seasonal Sundays to be back next week along with a new recipe!

See you then :)



Brittany Angell

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  1. Heather@GF Cat

    Big hug to you!!! Take care of yourself, sweet friend!

  2. Ricki

    Hope you’re feeling better soon, Brittany! And I agree entirely that your health should come first and you need to take care of that before anything else, including the blog. :) Hugs!

  3. Maggie

    Good for you girlie! Sending you lots of love and light. xo

  4. Christianne

    One of the hardest things for me to do is set a boundry for myself when it comes to self-healing. Thank you for being a beacon of light and a great inspiration!
    Rest well :)

  5. Kalinda

    Hope you get the health issues under control. Good for you for taking a break. And good luck with moving to a new server. We’ve done that one before and it was a big pain in the ass. Hope your move is much smoother.

  6. Deanna

    Take care of YOU, Brittany. We’ll be here when you’re feeling better. :)

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