Bacon-BBQ Flavored Popcorn

Bacon-BBQ Flavored Popcorn

Check out this Bacon-BBQ Flavored Popcorn

 Homemade popcorn is the only way to go.

its easy to make.

and It just taste's better. Period.

We absolutely love experimenting with the way we flavor our popcorn. There is so much that can be done- its just a matter of trying out different spice combinations. In this recipe the Smoked Paprika adds everything its name promises- Smokiness at its best. Your going to want to use ONLY "Smoked Paprika" as Regular Paprika will not have the same effect.

*After posting this recipe- I went into my kitchen and made it- and I made ONE change thanks to Shirley Braden mentioning a Bacon Popcorn recipe from The Gluten Free Homemaker . Check it out-that recipe includes actual pieces of bacon! (Yum!)

So- I cooked the Popcorn in melted Bacon Fat- and well it was the best thing I have EVER done. I have updated the recipe as the flavor it created is outstanding.

To make the popcorn - Pour a TBS of melted Bacon Fat into a large Heavy Bottomed Pan. Turn your buner to a medium- high temp. Pour in enough popcorn kernals so that they just cover the bottom. Cover the pot with a tight fitting lid- and let the magic begin. Shake the pot often! Once you hear (and see) that the kernals have for the most part all popped. Turn off the stove.

Select a non- stick spray. If you are dairy sensitive be sure to avoid any sprays that might contain it. I use a basic Wegman's Brand Gluten/Dairy Free Canola Oil spray.

OR- Melt a few more TBS of Bacon Fat. (This takes the popcorn over the top!)

Get out the following Ingredients:

Smoked Paprika
Garlic Powder
Nutritional Yeast
Salt and Pepper.

In the Pot- Spray the top layer of popcorn with the non-stick spray OR drizzle on some of the Melted Bacon Fat. Sprinkle on a little of each ingredient. Vigorously shake the pot. The Seasoned popcorn will naturally fall to the bottom. Repeat the Spraying/Seasoning and Shaking until all of the popcorn is covered and seasoned to your liking.

I tend to season my popcorn heavily. I typically smother it in large amounts of Garlic Powder and Nutritional Yeast (and salt - Yes I can admit this)

I encourage you to experiment with additional flavors and spices- its difficult to screw up popcorn!



Brittany Angell

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  1. Deanna

    Mmmm… popcorn. Love it. I've never tried smoked paprika on it, though.

  2. Stephanie O'Dea

    what a fun idea! I need to get over my saving bacon fat thing…. most definitely.

  3. hunterslyonesse

    Why have i never thought of bacon fat for popcorn? Oh right. Because Shirley is a genius. I admit to not flavoring my popcorn or even trying to. I love mine popped in popcorn oil with just salt. 😀

  4. Shirley @ gfe

    Oh honey, this looks and sounds fabulous! I'm all about bacon AND smoked paprika. 🙂 But, you really must give credit to Linda over at The Gluten-Free Homemaker for the bacon fat idea. She's the one who made the bacon popcorn. So I defer to her as the genius!


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