Meet the Angell Team!

Meet the Angell Team!

Meet Brittany!

Founder of (I know, I know.. you must be in shock! That statement wasn't obvious at all) 


You could call Brittany Food Obsessed. There is never a moment in time when she isn't dreaming and scheming  about some new recipe, or how to fix one that's having issues. Most morning she springs out of bed running to the kitchen to conquer some recipe from her dreams the night before.  Even having created and posted over 2,000 original recipes..this obsession with food won't quit.

Brittany's obsession is YOUR benefit. On this site you'll find hundreds upon hundreds of multi-allergen free recipes that are otherwise hard to come by. Everything from Corn Free - Corn Dogs, to fancy breads and donuts.. down to simple meals that are easy to throw together and will still impress your friends and family.

Brittany's foray into the food allergy world began in January 2010 after many months of unsuccessfully solving her health issues through traditional means. Once she took her health into her own hands through education and research, she was lead to several specialists and was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease, accompanied with various food allergies and intolerances.  Through dietary changes she kicked her autoimmune disease straight into remission. (Read how here).  Her ultimate goal remains  to connect, engage and understand the needs of others and to guide them through their journey to health through education, support and recipe development.

As a worldwide leader in food allergen awareness, Brittany is a sought after Author, Speaker and Consultant to corporations and restaurants seeking to capitalize on the expanding gluten and allergen free market.

Brittany has authored two best selling cookbooks :  The Essential Gluten Free Baking Guides and a revolutionary E-book with Grain & Egg Free Breakfast Recipes.  She also launched Club Angell with speciality recipes literally impossible to find elsewhere allergen free!  Her recipes have the fabulous reputation of ALWAYS turning out and taste just as good if not better than the very best recipes using Gluten and all the other common allergen ingredients.



Meet SARAH: Kitchen Assistant Extraordinaire


Sarah  Rothberg received a Master of Science from The University of Rochester in School Counseling.  When she saw her fellow classmates lost in overwhelming course work, she found herself baking in the kitchen. Delivering delicious treats to school became her favorite side project which blended her two loves: helping people and making food.

Sarah’s culinary inspiration began at 22 years old when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. To manage its symptoms, she created a new healthy lifestyle including dietary changes.

Sarah spends her days co-recipe developing  3-4 NEW recipes a day for With her eye and focus for perfection she doesn't stop until every  recipe looks and tastes impeccable. She also assists in being a creative visionary for new content to come! Be sure to try some of Sarah's seafood recipes.


Meet AMANDA: Head of Customer Service and the bones of this operation!


This website would unravel into a million pieces without Amanda Hockham! Hard working and with an incredible attention to detail she is the glue that keeps everything running smoothly (AND she also manages to keep Brittany sane and happy, even during the most chaotic times of stress)!  Having worked for many years in customer service with a nationally known catalog company she can problem solve just about anything and do it with a big smile on her face.

 Amanda heads up Club Angell customer service and handles the majority of  marketing for  As a bonus- she is quite the allergen free baker and can answer just about any question you may have!

Amanda was diagnosed with Candida over 12 years ago and once she made a dietary change she's never looked back.

When she's not helping Club Angell customers she is busy working in the area of Special Education as a Bi-Lingual (Spanish/English) Child Development Specialist and Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) with toddlers






Meet The Angell Kids: Clyde, Chloe & Cliff. 

This little crew of Rat Terriers are the best test tasters out there! They stand faithful by Brittany & Sarah's feet just waiting to help out in any way that they can.


*All recipes and text on this site are the original creations and property of Brittany Angell. If you make a recipe from this website and would like to share it, this may be done by sharing photo's and including a direct link to this website.  Duplication of recipe text, or "adaptions" containing less than 4 major changes to the recipe is strictly forbidden * 


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  1. Anna Dana

    I love you Brittany!!! The website looks FAB! Congratulations, girl!! 😀

  2. jason torres

    the site looks great. all that hard work paid off!

  3. Kate

    Site looks awesome!!! I signed up for the club, but did not receive a confirmation email or a way to create a password? Help??!!

  4. Kate

    My phone allows all emails, even spam. Nothing has come thru. I got confirmation once I hit submit?

  5. Kate

    Says that name is not registered. I just looked at my bank statement and there’s a pending charge from you. Don’t stress about it, look into it when you can. It’s registered under the email I used for these comments. Thanks!

  6. Judy Hackett

    I had the same thing happen. I left a note on Facebook last night.

  7. Lynne Niznik

    Congrats on the new website! What a surprise – a great one! I have been following you since I found out in early 2012 that not only did I have Hashimoto’s but I also have several food allergies. That was when I discovered your website. Your info & recipes have been a god-send! I have signed up for Clubangell & look forward to new & better things to come. Thanx for ALL you do & especially for sharing this info with all of us!!
    Best to you always –

  8. Daniela

    Dear Brittany!

    Thanks so much for all your work for providing so many different delicious recipes around all kinds of food sensitivities. I’ve started pointing a few of my English speaking patient your way!I’d love to register for the Club Membership, but I’ve been trying for days and can’t get my credit card to be accepted, there’s all kinds of different failure notices (like credit card payment failed, number (1) is missing or please update your credit card information). My card and my account are fine, I just subscribed to Paleo Magazine without any trouble. I’m from Germany so of course I entered my German address – any idea what may be going wrong?
    Many regards

  9. Mona

    Happened to me too…. Paid but no mail or login….. 🙁

  10. Caitlin

    I just recently found your site. I am in love with you pumpkin and butternut squash chili recipe but the link is broken. Any chance that could be fixed? Thanks so much.

    1. Kelly

      YES! Please put it back up– it’s one of my favorite chili recipes ever! 🙂

  11. Nina watson

    I can’t remember my password for Club Angell!! Grrrrr!!! Is there a way to reset it!!?? Thanks! Sorry for the bother.

  12. Kathy

    I also just found your site. I cam across your GF/Vegan Chocolate Almond Thumbprint Cookies with Raspberry Jam cookies through Google and I am really wanting to make these for Christmas, but the link is also broken.

    Can you please fix it.

  13. Dana

    I’ve signed up for club angell–a week ago. Tried logging in tonight and it doesn’t work. When I put in my email it says that it doesn’t exist…

    1. Amanda Hockham

      Did you contact

      If not, please do and I can try to help you.

      Head of Customer Service

  14. amber

    I think I have been at my lowest point this week with my autoimmune and immunodeficient diseases, celiac and eosinophilic esophagitis. You have just completely inspired me to try and eat and make something good for myself. I have to avoid the top 8 allergens and corn with a few more on the list. Your website looks like it could change my life. thank you….amber

  15. Stephanie

    I signed up and paid for your club Angell…did not receive my email for log in information.
    This was paid for around Dec 20th. can you rend it to me please….

  16. Mary

    I am registered for the club but when I tried to go in tonight it said I wasn’t registered.

  17. Nicole Hooper

    I recently became a member and was billed the $10 right away without problems. When I read about the membership it stated that it would be for 1 year. Is that a calendar year? Or a 356 day period? I subscribed on Dec 29 and was auto billed $10 again January Ist 2014.
    Being billed double for the same service within 2 days because they happen fall in two different year numbers is the only explanation I came up with, but if this keeps happening how do I proceed?.We are with the military in Germany , have an APO address and American bank .So there shouldn’ t be any bank issues there.
    How Do I stop a membership in the future without being autobilled for the next 10 years? Could you please address these issues , so I can explain them to my irrittated husband .And is there a way that we can get the extra $ 10 Dollars back?
    I am happy with the membership , happy with the service you provide and delighted with the recipes. Hopefully the missing ones can be found and re – incorporatd into the site.They were ones I really liked in the past and now they’re gone , bummer. Still ….excellent site , job well done.
    Happy New Year from Germany

    1. Amanda Hockham

      Hi Nicole,
      I was able to refund you for one of the memberships 🙂 Thank you for making it easier by including your last name.

      Amanda Hockham
      Head of Customer Service.

  18. Andrea

    Hi Brittany,

    I’ve signed up and paid on the of December for your club. I never received any log in information since then. I already sent an email to this email address and I never got a response. My statement shows it was charged on my account so I would like to receive a log in or I would like to cancel it before I get another charge this year, even thou I love your site very much and all your recipes.

    Many Thanks,

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  20. DebK

    Brittany – if you have Hashimoto’s, do you also avoid cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussel sprouts etc) plus things like peaches, strawberries etc? Or is going mostly Paleo and GF enough?

  21. Marcia

    Hi Brittany,

    I really like your site, which I just found.
    It seemed like fun to be a part of the ClubAngell, but when I went to pay, last night, I couldn’t pay by PayPal. I am very disappointed.

    Is it possible for me to pay by using PayPal or a money order?
    I do not use credit cards over the Internet; I always go through PayPal.

    I was hoping to use the $10 discount and I would still like to join ClubAngell. You have me as a new subscriber to your newsletter.

    Can you please help me?

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

  22. Janeen Wilkins

    Brittany, I’m just finishing up a round of Diflucan and working through a Candida infection. When did you start eating yeast again? I noticed that in a lot of your recipes you use it. Does it affect you at all? I feel great but am really scared to eat it again.
    Thanks, Janeen
    P.S. I lived in Rochester for 17 years. I am now an Alaskan for almost 4! A friend in Rochester told me about you.

  23. Annie Blanchet


    I signed up for the Club, but I forgot to look into my Junk Folder for the password, and I deleted all emails in that folder.

    Would it be possible to send it to me again ? I signed up end of last week.

    Thanks again !
    Can’t wait to start baking & cooking 🙂

    Annie B.

  24. karen grace

    Hello BA,
    So glad I found your site! I would really like to sign up for Club A, but after reading the problems people have with signing-up, I am having second thoughts. I would really like to try you fluffy cinnamon roll recipe. Why are these problems happening and how can I get around the?

    Interest, but hesitant,
    Your Fan,
    Karen Grace, Buffalo, NY

  25. Stephany

    HI Brittany, I signed up for Club Angel over 24 hours ago & have not received my login password info. I did check my junk mail as well. Do you know when I will get it?

  26. Mari Schmidt

    Hi, I joined Club Angell yesterday, and I am thrilled with the wonderful recipes. I am so impressed with those and the free E-Book that I am going to buy the kindle version of your two cookbooks at Amazon. I am amazed at your energy and creativity. The recipes all sound amazing, and I am actually looking forward to baking again. By the way, I have GMail and didn’t have any trouble with anything. Everything works perfectly. I am just so happy to be here. Thanks for a great site and for the Club. You really inspired me to get back in the kitchen.

  27. Sarah

    Hey Brittany! I am a HUGE fan and have LOVED everything I have tried from your website and cookbooks!! I am getting married this summer and have been on the hunt for a wedding cake and it looks like I will end up baking my own cake… I always dreamed of a Red Velvet cake. Do you have a gluten, dairy, and sugar free RV cake recipe? I have searched your website and books, but wasn’t able to find anything. I made the Dutch Chocolate Cake from your cookbook last night; my fiance and I LOVED it!! Do you think that there is a way I could adapt that into a RV cake? Or maybe the RV doughnut recipe? Please let me know if you are able to help me. I would SO appreciate it!!

  28. Stacey


    I just found your site and the gingerbread smoothie looked so good. When I clicked on the link, it said page not found 🙁


    Hello Brittany….I love the site and have made quite a few recipes so far. I was trying to find info on what specific coconut flour you use…I think it may be a factor in my baking products. Thanks

  30. Leanne de Cerbo

    Hello Brittany

    I am absolutely fascinated by your site and your fabulous recipes. I had only recently seen a recipe for a cauliflower pizza base in a magazine and, although I wanted to try it, decided to Google some reviews – this is how I found you.

    When I read your post, Gluten and Dairy Free? Why?, I realised I was reading about myself and the health issues I have been suffering for too long.

    I am going to spend the weekend poring over your site – it is just wonderful, so innovative, and beautifully shot. If you are interested in producing interactive video for your recipes, I would love to talk with you.

    All the very best, and thank you!

    Leanne de Cerbo

  31. Bianca

    I came across your recipes on Pinterest and saw that you are from Rochester, NY. I also live in Rochester and would love to know if and when you will be doing any educational speaking around here! My mom has Hashimotos disease, and my dad has been following the candida diet for his Multiple Sclerosis.

  32. Karen Alessi

    You have done it now, you have REALLY done it Brittney! The grain free calzone recipe!! Well, I made pizza with it (exactly as written)….and I’m going to yell from the rooftops as soon as I’m done writing this….it’s what you would call LIFE CHANGING!!!! And what I call Holy mother of pizzeria pizza!!!! Thank you, it was just excellent. REAL pizza is back! This changes everything now. Do you understand what you have here???
    Karen Alessi, Buffalo

  33. Karen Alessi

    Hi, just went to sign up for Club Angell and the page seems to be missing some labels for the spaces. I just want to sign up correctly without guessing to avoid problems.
    Karen Alessi

    1. Karen Alessi

      I singed up with no problems.
      Thank you. I think I’ll make bagels today….been too long since I sank my teeth into one.
      P.s. Crispy waffles are delicious and made often around here.
      I don’t feel so deprived food wise, because of you.
      Karen Alessi

  34. Alli

    Hi Brittany! I love your recipes. My husband is always like “this is the best meal I’ve ever had”! I never tell him its gluten/grain-free until after I hear those words. I’m hoping to see an ‘Angell’ version of ‘Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Rolls’ soon 😉

  35. monika

    I signed up for your recipes but hit enter before seeing I left off the last letter in so now what? you won’t be able to email me my password. Please let me know how we can fix this.

  36. Lara Hajjar


    I tried to sign up for Club Angell with a debit card – the website kept saying it was not processed b/c of an error – tried with my credit card but the website said again it wasn’t processed. Checked out my online bank statement and it said there was a $10.00 reversal charge? as well as a $10.00 actual charge for the payment. I’m very confused, haven’t received any confirmation email (nothing in spam), and I have no login account/password & I wasn’t sure how else to contact you… Please help I want to make your brownies 🙂

    -Lara H.

  37. Alyssa Hook

    hi. i was wondering if somehow you could get me a recipe that is gluten, soy, dairy, corn, nuts and bananas. if u could get me a recipe with these allergies in mind, it would be greatly appreciated. its for a close friend and i want to make it special. if u could get tht asap it would be of much appreciation. thankyou so much.

  38. Sarah

    Hello, I’d love to read about how you kicked your autoimmune condition into remission, but there is no link above where it says here. Thanks for fixing!

  39. Barb

    Hi, I’d join just for the recipe booklet of breakfast things. But I’d like to pay with Paypal. Is that possible?

  40. Krista

    Sadly, I forgot my passowrd & was looking for a yummy recipe…..can ya help me out??


    1. Krista

      thanks 🙂

  41. Natalie

    Are there specific recipes that you have for those of us on the beginning stage of Hashimoto’s Autoimmune/candida. I know it is restrictive and I am wondering how many (or if any at all) carbs I can eat daily. I am looking for in-between-meal snacks to satisfy my hunger, since eating only meats and veggies makes you hungry no matter how big your meal is. How did you handle this when you where healing from Candida? Thanks for any help!

  42. Deanna Moore

    Trying to loging. Says I’m not a member but I paid back in April. Have the email with welcome password. Not working. Thanks

  43. Emily Brantford

    Hi Brittany,
    I signed up for the club last night and it has been almost 24 hours with no response. Should I be expecting the email soon?

  44. Sandy Birdsong

    I am unable to use your service because when I tried to sign up I never got completely finished by putting in a password.

    I get your emails to my inbox, but when I try to sign on I get the message saying my sign in is incorrect.


    I would like to use your recipes, but am stuck in Never-Never-Land.

  45. Tisha

    Congratulations on the release of your new book. I just snagged a copy. I have not bought a cookbook in a long time. I am soooooo excited!!! I have a family of 7 soon to be 8 and one batch of anything just isn’t enough to go around. Can your recipes be doubled or tripled?

  46. Tina

    Hi there!

    For some reason all my notifications and any emails from you have stopped to both my emails as of about 2 weeks ago. My two emails have been on your list for a long time and I love your emails. Both are: and

    They all stopped after I bought your books over the holidays via Amazon.

    I am also a “member” of you Club

    What’s happened? I miss them and was SO looking forward to your notification about another booklet being sent to us who saved our Amazon receipts for book purchases,

    Thanks- Looking forward to your reply.

    Happy New Year, Tina

  47. France

    hi! I’ve been trying to get to this page on your site:
    and can’t get it to open. IE tells me the page can’t be displayed, and Chrome tells me there’s too many redirects on the page. Would love to see the recipe. 🙂
    Thanks. I’ll check back here soon.

    1. Amanda Hockham

      This is a member only recipe and that may be why you are not able to see it.

  48. Sandra Earle

    I hate to do this publicly, but since I was unable to find a contact button or a customer service #, I will have to do it here. Please DO NOT charge my credit card again for the Club. I apparently missed that this would be done automatically without a heads up or an opportunity to opt out. I would never agree to this arrangement had I realized. I am not asking for a cancellation or a refund at this time. However, if I do not receive some confirmation that this is agreeable, I will contact my credit card company to do so. I really found the site confusing last year. Often when I was signed in, it showed me logged in, but I was denied access. As a result, I rarely used it.

    Again, sorry to communicate this way, but I didn’t see a choice

  49. Sandra Wells

    I did send in my proof of purchases for 2 copies of Every Last Crumb, is the e-book being sent out? Thanks in advance!

  50. Pamela

    Hi Brittany!
    I have had many health challanges too. Love your recipes! I have partnered with my integrative Dr and am a wellness coach.
    Ispecializes in diets like: APOE gene, Allergies/intolerance’s, ADD, ADHD and NDD diets, Wheat Belly, Gluten free and more.
    I’m working on a workshop/cooking class for June and would like to ask you a favor. May I use some of your recipes in my meal plan if I give you credit and a like where to find you?

  51. Susan Corgan

    I LOVE everything you do Brittany Angell. But this website is the worst design I have ever seen. Everytime I do a recipe search, nothing comes up. When I log in to my club Angell account and try to read a recipe, it says for club Angell members only and prompts me to join. At the same time it shows me as logged in.
    This website needs a complete overhaul. It is not user friendly and has caused multiple people to refrain from becoming a club Angell member.
    Please have someone look at the UI and fix these issues. Especially the most basic search functions.

    Thank you,


    A happy and loyal customer. But disappointed website user.

  52. Angela Schwengler

    I’m having problems with the recipe search function. When I find a recipe using the function, it leads me to a page that says to head to the exclusive recipe section for Club Angell members. I am already a member, but how can I find the recipes more quickly??

  53. Katherine Surgen

    Hey, ladies. Love the recipes. I would say that I love the site, but I wish that there were less popups, especially after I log in. That’s the only beef I have; everything else is great. Thanks!

  54. Lynn

    I paid for a membership and have not received my login number yet.
    Can you help?

  55. Francine McAndrew, Events Manager, Barnes & Noble at College Town

    Hi Brittany,

    Please let me know if you are interested in possibly doing a book signing at our store.


  56. Andrea

    Brittany, I’ve been a fan since going paleo 2.5 years ago. Every Last Crumb is brilliant. I realize I need a scale. Can you recommend one or two?

  57. Mischel

    I love your website and book. I had a question about your carrot cake recipes in your book. Can a make a substitution for the fine white rice flour? I have the chestnut flour but was hoping to make the cake soon and I do not usually like to eat white rice. Thank you!

  58. Stephanie Ewals

    I cannot find anywhere to contact customer service or contact anyone at all. I would like to cancel my membership. How do I do this?


  59. Dawn

    Yes I am looking for customer service contact as well. My card was just charged another $10. I did sign up a year ago, but now do not use this site. I did not authorize another’s subscription. Please help.

  60. Sally

    I was going to make a the wheat honey bread from every last crumb, says 431 grams almond butter apx 1 1/2 cups. Is this correct? I weighed almond butter and scale shows 331 and I know it’s close to 1 1/2 cups.. Could this be a misprint?
    Thank you

  61. Laura Bartley

    I’ve not been receiving any emails for quite some time. Has something changed?

  62. Jean Braun

    Hi, I am a Club Angell member and am logged in but unable to access the club recipes pictured in the 40 recipes email recently sent out. Please advise. Many thanks.

  63. Terri

    good morning
    trying to login into the club and my password isn’t working 🙁

  64. Mary

    I forgot my password and am told I would receive a link to change it, but I haven’t received one yet. Tried yesterday and today. Can you help?

  65. Rob S

    Hello I could not locate the contact us on your site so I thought I would try posting my two questions here. I am looking at The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guides Part 1 & 2 in the Enhanced Editions. May I ask the difference between these Enhanced Editions and the original versions? Are they worth the extra that most charge? My one last question is if it will be possible to substitute with sweetener like Swerve and SweetLeaf-Stevia for all your ingredients that call for any type or form of sugars containing glucose? With the irrefutable role of glucose in the growth and metastasis of cancer cells we are just trying to live and not die while enjoying our baking and foods! Thank you so much for your time!

  66. Tara

    I’m trying to sign up for Club Angell, but I keep getting error messages. One says “Update your Credit Card info before submitting again” and the other says “Transaction cannot be accepted”. I got those a few days ago, so I just waited, but tonight I’m getting the same messages. I’ve tried two different credit cards, and I can’t get either of them to work. I really want to sign up. Please help!



    P.S. I have 4 of your books and I LOVE them!

  67. Kelly

    Hi, I really love your recipes!, but I haven’t been getting your newsletter/blog lately.

  68. Mindi Carnes

    Hello. I’ve been trying to find out when my account expires but I guess I’m overlooking the info possibly. I also couldn’t find where to email for customer support instead of bothering you on here. Searching on my phone isn’t as user friendly as on my Mac! Please assist. Thank you.

    1. Mindi Carnes

      I see the customer support link above.

  69. Suzanne Burns

    I was looking forward to your recipes, so I could live a healthier, allergy free life. I signed up and confirmed my email. I can’t, however get any recipes. It keeps prompting me to sign up again. I may be deleting this site if I can’t get any recipes. Could you please redmedy this issue? Thank you in advance.

  70. Christina James

    I have unsubscribed. I joined and then immedietly unsubscribed. I hope I will not be charged… Please confirm that the charge will be reversed. Thank you.

  71. Nancy L Hoyt

    This is the e-mail address that was rejected when I replied to your e-mail: I take it there’s something wrong with that address. (see my earlier comment)

  72. Michele Osoria

    I have signed up several times and paid, and still do not receive emails. Please advise.

  73. Bonita Middleton

    I love the recipes! They turn out like I want them too (not a common thing with most gluten-free recipes).
    How do I know when my subscription has run out?

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