A Diagnosis, a fresh start.

A Diagnosis, a fresh start.

Tuesday. August 16th. I sat waiting like I have hundreds of times for test results. But I knew that day would be different.. knew it in my gut. I knew exactly what was wrong with me- I had known 2 years ago but had been dismissed by several doctors.

Hypothyroidism- with a touch of Hashimoto's.

Words that evoke so much emotion and happiness. Odd I know to celebrate the diagnosis of a lifelong disease. I held it together so well until the moment the doctor left the room. Tears of relief and happiness started to flow. It felt like a dream as I texted the family and friends closest to me with my "happy" news.

3 1/2 weeks ago I went in for extensive blood work. They took from me what felt like 7 GIANT viles. I nearly passed out and then.. didn't recover. As the days wen't on I became weaker, I couldn't focus, think, even my vision was weird. Every joint and muscle in my body ached as if I had the flu. Coupled with a lingering sore throat, my hands and feet freezing cold, my appetite gone, my digestion worse than ever. My baking and general productivity slowed to a snails pace- until I just gave up and decided to stop feeling guilty for not hammering out 10 new recipes in a weeks time.

If I have learned anything over the past few years- Its been that you usually have to hit rock bottom before you can work your way up. Hitting bottom is a gift- it strengthens your appreciation for the answers, it forces you to question, learn and to grow as an individual.

Technically- had I seen this same doctor 2 years prior I would have gotten a diagnosis then. BUT had this happened- Real Sustenance would have never become a reality. I wouldn't have learned half of what I know or met so many wonderful people. I have no regrets- only appreciation for all that is.

Today for the first time in a month I felt well enough to cook dinner for my husband. It was so therapeutic and I could see the appreciation in his eyes. I know more than anything he was just so happy to see me back in my element. I prepared a Middle Eastern Style Stuffed Cabbage. Which I enjoyed with a side of Vitamin D, B-12 and Iron.

On Tuesday, August 16th my life was given back to me. I now know exactly how to mend.

Don't ever stop looking for your answers. They can ALWAYS be found.

In the months to come I'll be sharing a bouquet of information around Thyroid Disorders!

Extra big XO,


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Brittany Angell

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  1. frannycakesblog

    I'm so glad to hear that you finally got a diagnosis! It is always a relief to know what is going on.

    My mom has hashimoto's and has started eating a diet much more like yours than mine (I can't kick the sugar) and looks 10 years younger in 2 months. She was gluten free for quite some time, but cutting all that stuff out and adding the vitamin d and b12 have changed her energy. Hopefully it helps you to feel better too!

  2. Suzanne

    Congratulations Brittany. What a wonderful feeling to have an answer! I know what you meant about happiness and tears at the same time. Now that you know what you are up against you will know how to stay well. There is such a big difference in my life over the past year. Feel great except when I have something not on my list. It was good that you took time out to rest when needed. Best wishes for many healthy great feeling days/months/years to come.

  3. Reid

    Wow, I know that must be a relief. I hope that this diagnosis puts you on the road to recovery.
    I have been reading your blog for awhile and never commented before, but I wanted to tell you how wonderful it is to hear someone else reaching out about their struggle towards finding a diagnosis.
    I experienced that long period of uncertainty and pain until I finally got my diagnosis of hereditary peripheral neuropathy. While there is no cure, the acknowledgement and the explanation are medicine in and of themselves.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. 🙂

  4. Faye@RawLawyer

    I have had the same bittersweet experience a few months ago – being diagnosed after years of testing and trial and error. What great news! Rejoicing for you!

  5. Rebecca

    I am so happy that you found your diagnosis! What a relief it is to finally know. I have been battling the same battle in my life as well – sick for years and though a gluten free/dairy free/low sugar diet has helped immensely, I have not felt well in years. FINALLY, I found a naturopath who diagnosed me with Adrenal Fatigue and possibly some hypothyroidism. I am so grateful to finally know what is really wrong and to start healing. Thank goodness for insightful doctors who actually listen and have the insight to help, rather than taking blood tests, saying: “oh, you’re anemic, just take iron” and boot you out the door. Here’s to feeling better!!

  6. bethany

    YAY! I'm so happy for you! What a blessing to finally figure out what's going on…I'm still looking for my answer. I'll definately have to look into this and go back to yet another doctors appointment. Thanks for sharing and God Bless!!!!

  7. Cindy

    There is an awesome book by Dr. Datis Kharrazian called: Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? You can get it on Amazon. I have 2 patients with Hashimotos (and one is my sister who totally reversed hers!) and after reading his book they have a better understanding of what is going on and what tests are needed. If it is caught early enough (so that the thyroid antibodies aren't way out and beyond) it can actually be reversed!!! good luck, I love your blog!
    Dr. K specializes in autoimmune disorders and gluten and dairy intolerance. There are some things I don't like, but over all he is – as far as I am concerned – the most up and on point of anyone where thyroid disorders are concerned.

  8. Victoria

    I was diagnosed with the same disorders around a year ago. Thinking of you!

  9. Angela

    Thank you for sharing. About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with Graves…got zapped with radioactive Iodine and was left to suffer still with too much of my gland killed (as if the crazy high levels weren’t bad enough). After many years and much weight gain I finally got on Armour Thyroid and started to feel much better and got regulated finally. It has only been within the last few months that I have started to feel “off” again and when I had my bloodwork done it showed my levels tanking. Hypothyroidism runs in my family (so where the Graves came from is beyond me); but, now I have Hashimotos along with the Graves-treatment-induced-hypothyroidism. I’m not a very happy camper. I keep having spikes and severe lows…not as bad as when the Graves was diagnosed (that was found when I had checked into a mental hospital because I thought I was going crazy)…but, I can feel the tell tale signs of being too high and being too low at the same time. I love man made roller coasters; but, this new one of my system’s making is truly making me sick. I have for quite a few years been learning “real” cooking and how to better prepare and culture food. I am so glad to have found your site…none of the others I frequent have the thyroid issues that I do and so yours brings things even closer to home. I haven’t had time to read through all of your posts; but, I would love any pointers that you may have for treatment in general (if you know of a good endocrinologist in San Antonio, TX that would be awesome 😉 I do not believe my current doctor can effectively manage the issue anymore). Thank you again and thank you for sharing your talent!

  10. Nichole

    Thank you for sharing your story. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos a year ago, but first went to a Dr. for symptoms 11 years ago. I’m on Armour and my levels are all normal now, but still feel bad most days. I’m researching the changes in diet and would love any more information or posts on where to start. As far as the Leaky Gut, how would one know if that is a problem, and how is it corrected. Thank you for all you do!

  11. Katy Brooks

    I am going through something very ver similar right now and I’m convinced it’s Hasimoto’s. I’ve been to countless doctors for the last 3 months and I feel like I’m having to diagnose myself. I’ve yet to see a endocrinologist though, because they can be a giant waste of your time. I’ve been to different GI doctors and allergists. I have every symptom in the book for this disease. Through which doctor were you tested and diagnosed, an endocrinologist?

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