2 CRAZY good keto cookies! Chocolate Chip + Double Chocolate Chip! (Grain/Egg/Dairy/Sugar Free)

2 types of keto cookies

I believe in eating cookies even when on a diet! Especially when they are low carb, high protein, sugar free cookies. And YES these are totally healthy!  Though yes, I must warn you- eating trays and trays may affect your waistline a little (and you may be tempted to consume that many.) Be sure not to mix the dough for longer than 30 seconds or it will become too oily.

As an added bonus these cookies are also Egg Free and Dairy Free!  For the chocolate chips I use the brand lily's. I like to use either the chips or I buy a bar and cut it into chunks!

Brittany Angell

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  1. Robyn Hurst

    Really great egg free recipe! Thank you.

  2. Shiana Polite

    Can you use stevia instead? Also which chips do you use?

  3. N Hoyt

    There’s a “?” beside the quantity for cocoa powder in the second recipe. Could you tell us what the measurement is, please? Thanks.

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